Mini Militia Malayalam Version + Theri Mod Download [NO ROOT]

Mini militia Malayalam version: Easy download and install

For all mini militia fans living in south India, especially in Kerala, here is something that I know you are just going to love. Yes, today I am providing you the link to play the Mini Militia in Malayalam version. Cool right!

Well, for quite some time I had been receiving queries from my friends for the Malayalam mod. So, here I will tell you everything you need to know about the mini militia Malayalam version, the new mod features and how you can install it. Everything right here! So stick with me. Looking for Mini Militia Mod Apk?

To understand the Malayalam mod you first have to get a clear understanding of what precisely the mini militia Malayalam version is all about.

So, mini militia Malayalam is precisely like the original mini militia but only that it is made for users with Malayalam language preference. Although, this Malayalam version was created by XDA members, yet it retains all features of the original game.

mini militia malayalam version

Features of the mini militia Malayalam version

Well, as I mentioned above, the Malayalam mod has all the features of the original mini-militia, but for our friends in Kerala and those who are familiar with the language, it is more fun. You get to hear some great Malayalam movie dialogue and some very familiar proverbs that will make you enjoy the game or even love it.

So what you get in the new mini militia Malayalam is:

  •    Unlimited power to fly: yes my friends, you heard it right. You can now use the jetpack unlimitedly without the worry of running out of nitro or re-filling.
  •    Unlimited Health: now this is what I call amazing! With mini militia Malayalam, you get the benefit of enjoying infinite health. It means that you will live and live no matter how many times you get shot, you will recover and keep playing. Cool!
  •    Single shot death: Ok! This is awesome. With this mod, you have the power to kill your enemy in one shot. When you get this power; you aim, and you shoot.
  •    Unlimited Ammunition: ever thought how much you will benefit if you never ran out of ammo? Well, this is exactly what you get with this mod. Unlimited ammo means your guns never run out of bullets, and you are never short of weapons.

Want to download the mini militia Malayalam mod?

Wondering how to get this fantastic mini militia Malayalam download? Well, it’s as simple as blinking an eye.  Follow the link on this website to get the latest mini militia Malayalam version

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Installing the mini militia Malayalam

Since I regularly get requests to tell how to install the application, here are quick and simple steps to get started. Remember this is not anything typical that you can’t do.

Now Follow these simple instructions to install the download on your device:

  •    At first be sure to take a backup of all your game data, prefer using any backup app for this than any external hard drive.
  •    Next step is to download the game  APK file from the link given above.
  •    Make sure that a filename “unknown sources” do check on the device you are using. If don’t forget to change the settings of your device to allow the download to install. You can quickly enable the unknown source file to connect to your device by going to settings >>application>>allow unknown source.
  •    So now you can install the game on your device.

(Remember each device has different setting to allow the unknown source file, so please check with your system)

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Ok, now I guess I told you everything about installing the mini militia Malayalam version download.

So, guys gear up for the ultimate battle and enjoy the adventure and the fun.

Before I end up writing this blog, I want to give you a heads up for the game that I find very helpful. Hope it can help you as well, so here it is:

  •    Never start a game by straight away attacking your enemy
  •    Try to get the best combination of guns
  •    Always reload when no one’s around
  •    Attacking an enemy who is already engaged in a crossfire with another is easy.
  •    Check the bushes for any enemy hideout by firing at them before you pass.

So now I guess I indeed told you everything. Hopefully, it will benefit you in winning the game. And yes, do not forget to give your feedback in the comment section below.